Next Stop: Central Africa – #WorldwideWednesdays

It’s Week 4 of #WorldwideWednesday and we’re ready to leave home and travel the 6,000 virtual miles to Central Africa.

If this is your first time joining Map to Magic Vacation’s #WorldwideWednesday, welcome! We’ll be recreating meals from virtually every country/region of the world that you can enjoy while doing some virtual travel.

NEXT STOP: Cameroon + the Central African region

This week, we cooked up Poulet D.G.

Poulet D.G which is composed of chicken, plantains, and various vegetables, was originally a semi-exclusive dish served in Cameroon to high-ranking business officials. In fact, the D.G actually stands for Directeur Général, which when translated from French may be equal to that of a managing director or CEO. This is because chicken and plantains were typically only able to be afforded by the wealthy.

The recipe we used this week was found here: (

Next time we’ll just want to make sure to brown our chicken a bit more. We hope to see your Poulet D.G successes!– Share your food photos below or post to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the #MaptoMagicVacations and #WorldwideWednesday hashtags.

And once you’ve finished, why not take a quick virtual tour of Central Africa while enjoying your meal:

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