China & Taiwana: #WorldwideWednesday

We missed our flight but for Week 13 of #WorldwideWednesday (yes, we know it’s Thursday) we’re heading up back to Asia.

If this is your first time joining Map to Magic Vacation’s #WorldwideWednesday, welcome! We’ll be recreating meals from virtually every country/region of the world that you can enjoy while doing some virtual travel.

NEXT STOP: China and Taiwan

During our virtual jaunt to the area, we attempted three-cup chicken (also known as San Bai Ji). The name stems from the simplicity of the recipe – though the measurements don’t equal out to a cup each, you need three different cups of ingredients: soy sauce, rice wine, and sesame oil.

There are several variations of this recipe. Some prefer chicken breast cut up, as seen in our photos, while many typically prefer chicken pieces or wings. Similarly, you’ll notice some recipes lead to a darker sauce while others to a lighter; so it’s all about finding your preference.

And since scallion pancakes are an excellent addition to any meal, we cooked some of those up as well.

You can find the recipes we used here:

Three Cup Chicken:

Scallion Pancakes:

Whether you attempt a replication of this dish using the recipe we used – or try another recipe of your own choosing, we can’t wait to see it. Let us know how it goes in the comments below or post your meal to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the #MapToMagicVacations and #WorldWideWednesday hashtags.

Now scoop some of your three-cup chicken atop a bed or white rice, sit down and enjoy a virtual exploration of China and Taiwan.

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