Catching a Virtual Flight to Ireland #WorldwideWednesday

We experienced a virtual flight-delay but we’re still heading to Ireland for week 7 of #WorldwideWednesday!

If this is your first time joining Map to Magic Vacation’s #WorldwideWednesday, welcome! We’ll be recreating meals from virtually every country/region of the world that you can enjoy while doing some virtual travel.

NEXT STOP: Ireland

During our virtual travels, we picked up a recipe for Chicken & Leek Pie, which in our opinion could be paired perfectly with a Guinness. 

You can find the recipe we used in The Complete Irish Pub Cookbook – and a very similar recipe here:

This meal may not be the most visually appealing and the flavors were slightly more subdued than recipes from previous weeks but if you’re looking for a comfort meal, this is definitely a good option. Not surprising, since during our previous (real-life) trip to Ireland, we discovered Ireland is one of the ultimate destinations for comforting but delicious food.

And while over the last few years, Dublin has been dubbed “the next great European food city”, upgrading their gastronomy and turning to farm-to-table eats, you can’t go wrong with a good ol’ pie.

And once your pie is completed and you’ve cracked a cold one, why not kick back and virtually explore The Emerald Isle:

Gap of Dunloe Scenic Drive Ireland in 4k

Soar Over Ireland in This Drone Video | Travel + Leisure

Streets of Dublin | 4K Travel Video

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