A Quick (Virtual) Jaunt to Australia! #WorldwideWednesday

We’re sticking around Oceania for Week 11 of #WorldwideWednesday and heading down under.

If this is your first time joining Map to Magic Vacation’s #WorldwideWednesday, welcome! We’ll be recreating meals from virtually every country/region of the world that you can enjoy while doing some virtual travel.

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If you do any web search on “must-try eats in Australia”, you’ll never happen upon a list where Lamingtons don’t make the cut. Naturally, we wanted to see if this seemingly simple dessert actually lived up to par.

One Lamington origin story claims a maid of Lord Lamington accidentally dropped a piece of sponge cake into a vat of melted chocolate. Rather than waste the cake, Lord Lamington suggested covering it with coconut shavings, thus creating the famous treat. Of course, many native New Zealanders insist Lord Lamington simply stole the recipe and renamed the dessert after trying it when visiting New Zealand. Regardless, any dessert that combines chocolate and coconut has to be a winner.

*Pro Tip: Many recipes include a layer of raspberry jam, which we hadn’t incorporated. However, we did try spreading some on our last few pieces and it elevated the dessert to new levels.

You can find the recipes we used here: https://www.tasteatlas.com/lamington/recipe

Whether you attempt a replication of this dish using the recipe we used – or try another recipe of your own choosing, we can’t wait to see it. Let us know how it goes in the comments below or post your meal to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the #MapToMagicVacations and #WorldWideWednesday hashtags.

And once you’re Lamingtons have set, sit back, relax and check out the land down under right from your living room.

Surfers Paradise – Gold Coast, Australia  – by drone [4K]

Melbourne in 4k

Whitehaven Beach – Whitsunday Islands – in 4k

GoPro Awards: Great Barrier Reef with Fusion Overcapture in 4K

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